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You might not know it yet, but …

The campaign

Stubborn, mischievous, competitive … who ever said these were character flaws? If these words fit your personality, bridge might be your thing—you just don’t know it yet! Luckily, the Montreal Bridge League is here to guide you in discovering this game (the ultimate game, according to some). Don’t be surprised if you uncover some new facets of your personality.

Does the art of persuasion come naturally to you? There’s no doubt that you have a brilliant future ahead of you as a bridge player!

You naturally know how to adapt and turn situations to your favour. You can recognize when others are bluffing. Bridge is your game!

You’ve got no time for silliness; effective communication is your thing. Bridge suits you perfectly! Why are you waiting?

The profiles

Let’s face it: the myths about bridge are pretty tough. It’s boring, it’s complicated, only old people play it, it breaks up couples … You’re invited to change your thinking about bridge. Imagine it instead as an early, early ancestor of gaming. Think of it as team sport where everyone can progress at their own pace, a feel-good drug that has a positive effect on the brain or even a universal language that helps you better understand yourself.

Girls just want to have fun

Denise and Marie-Claude

Denise and Marie-Claude just can’t get enough … of playing bridge and hanging out with each other! After watching Denise play, Marie-Claude introduced herself and asked Denise to become her partner. The dynamic duo might be in it to win it, but they’ve also developed a solid friendship through the game. From long walks to champagne parties, these two love to spend time together – and to win at cards!

It’s all about community

Serge and Michel

Serge and Michel love playing bridge, but they were surprised by how much they enjoy the social aspect of the game as well. Having immigrated from Lebanon, the bridge community was a great place for Michel to make new friends. Seeing the same people on a regular basis at the club allowed Serge to create new bonds, hang out and have fun. They might come for the cards, but Serge and Michel stay for the people!

Lost in translation

Sharon and Paul

Sharon and Paul are partners in life and at the bridge table. Can that get complicated? Sometimes – especially when Paul does something Sharon doesn’t understand, and she gives him ‘those eyes’! That’s when it feels like they’re speaking two completely different languages! But mostly, their time together at the table is a time to have fun. It’s also a time to challenge themselves, learn more about bridge, and each other!

Bridge near you

Want to find out if bridge is your game? Join a club where passionate players will share their best tips and welcome you into their community. Books on bridge aren’t going to cut it, check out the clubs in your area that offer introductory classes or a mentorship program!

Thom Yorke, lead singer of Radiohead, is passionate about bridge. Legend has it that he turned the musicians in his band onto the game and they would all play regularly on tour, between lighting and sound checks.

Actress Béatrice Picard, a great woman of theatre who also lends her voice to the character of Marge in the Quebec version of The Simpsons, is also a die-hard player. It’s probably the secret to her eternal youth. She recently confided: "In my heart, I’m still 20 years old!"

The character of James Bond, that debonair secret agent, also plays bridge. And with plenty of class, of course! In the movie Moonraker, he even gets himself out of a sticky situation thanks to bridge, with a hand that is now infamous in the bridge world.

Snoopy, Charlie Brown's beloved dog, loves to play bridge. There’s no doubt it’s because his creator Charles M. Schultz was also passionate about the game!

Yves Corbeil, Mr. Wheel of Fortune himself, is a fan of the game. Hopefully he has as much luck with his cards as the participants had on his old game show!

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About the Montreal Bridge League

The mission of the Montreal Bridge League is to promote bridge in the greater Montreal area, in collaboration with its affiliated clubs. With the You Like Bridge campaign, it goes a step further, focusing on bringing the game everywhere and to everybody. The idea? Debunk the myths about the game so that potential bridge players of all ages, backgrounds and genders can get excited. Bridge is really about a welcoming and diverse community that doesn’t take itself seriously (well …except for when they’re playing the game!)

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Feeling sad because you haven’t found a class near you? Hoping to talk to a bridger before launching into lessons? Would you like to come to a bridge evening and hang out with the community? We’re here for you! Ask us your questions, and a member of the Montreal Bridge League will be happy to reach out and answer you!

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Tu n’as pas trouvé de cours près de chez toi et tu es en peine? Tu aimerais parler à un bridgeur ou une bridgeuse qui te ressemble avant de t’engager dans des cours? Tu voudrais venir assister à une soirée de bridge pour découvrir la communauté? Pose-nous tes questions, et un membre de la Ligue de bridge de Montréal se fera un plaisir de te répondre!